Article Marketing: Why 99% of marketers are getting it wrong

An Issue For Article Marketers

On the surface article marketing seems pretty straight forward. You create a piece of text content for your target audience. They look at it and near the end they are directed to your site through a link in your resource box. Currently a lot of new article marketers are failing to have success and this is causing them to believe article marketing is dead.

Well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that article marketing is actually very easy and very straight forward. It is also VERY MUCH ALIVE! The bad news is that most marketers completely misunderstand it and are failing miserably with this method because of it.

So if it’s so simple why are people screwing it up?

I think one major issue is that there is a misunderstanding in what you are trying to achieve with article marketing. I see many marketers creating a piece of content or having it created for them then taking that content and using an article spinner so they can place unique versions on as many article directories as possible. People believe that more article directories equals more views and that’s just not the case.

Another major issue I’m seeing is that some writers are trying far too hard to stuff keywords into their articles. Yes there is a place for keyword research in your articles and yes they should contain a keyword here and there, but you have to remember to write for people and not for computers.

In my opinion it is far better to have a complete, coherent, beautifully written, well flowing article with a certain keyword placed strategically one time throughout than it is to have a mildly above average article with keywords sprinkled everywhere. You might get a few more readers on the article directory, but they won’t perceive your article to be worth as much.

The final issue I’m seeing is that many marketers are advocating articles of length 300-500 words for an article. The truth is that from what I’ve found the articles that get grabbed and reposted on websites the most often are more often than not over 800 words. These posts are filled with fluff either. It’s good, hard hitting information. It’s truly usable and it really does help the reader. They find the answers they need and because of that they are ready to follow the link at the bottom of the article because they want to see what else you can offer them.

Content is KingThe fact of the matter is that when submitting an article to an article directory you are not doing it so many people see it on the directory. You are trying to create a quality piece of content that website owners will want to grab and reuse on their own site. This way once a very polished article that you have created is on a high traffic website you will have an avalanche of new visitors that have already been pre-sold on your material because your article was so great.

That means every article you post should be an example of how fantastic and valuable your content is. I’m not going to make an assumptions about an actual person’s work, but I can promise you if your article is just some respun version it’s going to be crap. There will be grammatical errors, possible logical errors, and even worse there may be spelling errors because it spun the wrong word and has thus misspelled it.

Whether you are a product/service creator or a provider you only give your prospects the highest quality items, so why would you want to start your relationship by showing them a piece of junk? It really doesn’t make any sense.

The Plan Of Action!

So here is a better plan of action in my opinion. Spend more time on your article making sure it is as polished and as valuable as you can make it. This shouldn’t be a big deal since you’ll have more time because you don’t have to spin it anymore. Now once you’ve finished your masterpiece only submit it to the top five to ten article directories as that is where most of the website owners for high traffic sites will be looking anyway. Now you have increased your chances of having a piece of content that the website owner will want AND you’ve cut out all that time wasted spinning articles that are barely coherent and posting them to article directories that no one will ever see.

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